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Italians abroad in the sixteenth century



Monday, May 26, 2014, 9:00 - 10:30


Thistle - 246

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This session examines the presence and contributions of Italian expatriates in Europe (especially in Switzerland and England). Franco Pierno examines religious texts published in Italian by Italians living in Geneva in order to identify the impact of reform thought and theories on the development of the Italian language and of Italian rhetorical structures. Sergio Portelli looks at Lodowick Bryskett (1545?-1612?), the son of a Genoese merchant who settled in London to avoid persecution, his influence on authors such as Sidney, Spenser and Milton, and his contribution to the dissemination of Italian literature in England through translation. Rosalind Kerr examines the impact of Italian actresses on the English stage as an example of border-crossing that breaks through boundaries.

With funding support from the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences.